Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Blog finally!

I had set up a new blog as this current one photo's limit had reached.
Just a simple one,

will continue to blog from there. :)

Friday, November 30, 2012

New Blog?

I had started to blog since July 2009 which is about 3 years plus already,
tried to upload photos today for a blogspot but found out that I had hit the photos storage limit,
and if I want to continue using it, I had to pay $2.49 monthly.
I would love to continue updating my blog,
but $2.49 monthly seems... not very well worth?

So... Maybe I might create another new blog,
and continue to update from there.

Till then!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

27/10/2012, Saturday

 My girl sitting on the sofa watching iphone,
pattern also many many.

Before I took this, her legs is spread out totally straight!
How she did it? I also wonder.
Very chor lor girl.

Eh? Mummy taking pictures?

Ignore and continue. -_-

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

22/10/2012, Monday

While waiting for him to come and fetch us,
huili running around and singing at the same time.

 So happy and chirpy after school every day :)

She requested for sushi and so we bought some back for her.

She finished all the sushi!
Really knows how to enjoy hor.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

21/10/2012, Sunday

It has been a while since we went to pastamania for a meal.
Bread soup and drinks

Having his favourite seafood marina

Having my mussels and prawns risotto,
would be better if they serve with fresh prawns.

He's so hungry he ordered a pizza as well.

After eating, we catch a dinosaur movie which total sucks.
Got dizzy while watching the movie, no wonder not many people is watching it.

After that meet up with my family to have dinner at a tze char store besides CWP,
Coz its dw's birthday.

His birthday cake

 My little girl is so anxious to blow out the candles!

 15 years old already!

Singing birthday song happily

Family photos of us!
Wah lau I look so fat -_-"
Photographer is lousy lol.

Sis is pouting her lips coz she's the shortest among us all!

But I quickly console her I'm the fattest of all! lol

My 3 siblings, which I used to look after them whenever I go,
had all grown up already.
Sometimes I do miss the time when we were still young.

See how zc carry huili,
me scare scare!

Ah... dw carry like this looks much more better.

My parents! I ask my dad to smile.
See he smile till like so mian qiang like that. lol!

See the shadow behind?

 Thats my sis, and zc! So goofy both of them!

End off the post with a blurry pic of my huili. Bye!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks Nuffnang!

It has been a while since I receive my pay out from Nuffnang.
Thanks Nuffnang!
This definately give me slightly more motivation to blog slightly more. lol.

19/10/2012, Monday

Mamil Gold having Buy one get one free promotion!
Being the kiasu mummy, of coz I buy alot back to stand by!
Till end of the promotion, I bought 13 sets.
That should be able to last for at least half a year ba.
My nuffnang cheque use to buy milk powder liao lol.
So help me click on the ads please can? Thank you!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

14/10/2012, Sunday

Have been trying to upload photos for this post for at least 3 times already.
I swear I almost vomit blood already.
So, today, we were bring huili to another indoor playground at suntec which I had search online as he had sometimes to settle at there as well.

Huili and me, she insisted in bring her minnie mouse along.


My bag from bkk. Love it!


Huili with her super long hair.
Need a hair cut badly.

Initally he wanted  to go sakura at orchard but was surprise to find it close already.
(It has been a long time since we went to orchard)
End up we had our meal at a japanese curry restaurant.

Our drinks.

Can you see huili and me? :)

He ordered seafood curry rice.

Me order pork katsu curry rice.
Both of us act clever choose level 4 spicniess.
Initally it was okay, we even thought we should go for level 4 spicy (the most spicy).
Who knows the more we eat, the more spicer it gets and we regret!
Lol really cannot speak too fast.

Chicken kaarage curry rice for huili without spicy.

Daddy showing TLC (tender loving care) for his little girl.

He ordered ice cream for us as well!

Huili can't wait to dig in!

We went to H&M for the first time.
Ya I know I very slow they open for so long I never go before.
As I mention before It has been a while since I went to orchard already!

Found this Hello Kitty Beanie and scarf and we put it on my little girl,
looking so cute!
Huili was very happy as well coz she lover hello kitty!
She is truly hello kitty from head to toe liao.
I think that day her underwear is also hello kitty. Lol!

Had this very strong urge to buy it for huili,
but rational thinking, its has of no use at all,
singapore is so hot!
So, end up me "yi yi bu se" de put it back.

Next up, we bring huili to suntec for her play session at the newly open indoor playground.
I forgot whats the name, and the entrance fee if I'm not wrong is $25 for 2 hours play and there's a 10% disc if you show your ocbc children card to them.

The first impression when we enter there,
It was really small.
And only allows 1 adult to go in at a time.
1 more adult would be additional $5.

Huili played the slide the first and only time.

A smaller ball pit at another side.

This places is full of toys!
So basically its quite safe to put your child there alone if they are big enough,
there's nothing much "dangerous" for them to do.

 Huili enjoys the cooking set the most. (as usually)

As what you see below,
this place is this big only.
And from my point of view, I felt that the adults company their kids in there is superly boring.
Which I also felt the same.

After the 2 hours play, we went off and think that most properly we won't be going back there again.

Next up, we bring huili to cut her hair at this junior league.
I was kinda worried though,
coz everytime huili cut her hair, she would cry and fuss alot. 

We waited for a while, wasn't aware that we need to get a Q no by the side till the only hairdresser in the shop who was busily cutting another little boy's tell us about it.

So junior league was available at other places as well. 

There's a few other children in the Q, so huili played with their toys for a while. 

After waited for quite some time, it is finally huili's turn!
She had a pink balloon from them.
Huili had always loves ballons!
And you can also choose the favourite cartoon of your child and they will play it in the dvd player in front of them while they cut their hair.

I must say this hairdresser really had a way with kids!

Enjoying her high 5 while she cuts her hair.

And he also spray this temp colour thing on her hair,
and it looks really pretty!

Will bring huili cut her hair at this place again!
Huili enjoys the experience there as well and couldn't stop talking about it for a while.

End off with a big smile of huili. Bye!